Pro Wing Mid/Small


The new Stellar Mid/Small Pro wing paddle is following the trend of a shorter, slightly more twisted blade. The tip is rounded for a more forgiving and yet very solid catch whatever your attack angle of water entry. The blade is ideally suited to mid to long distance events with its size and ease of use. The paddle is clean and balanced in the water and will lead to hours of efficient enjoyable paddling. Manufactured in featherweight carbon construction. The round and matte finished shaft provides a comfortable and stable grip in all conditions and the balanced flex pattern of the shaft is designed to reduce stress on your joints. The ultra-low swing weight blades will leave you wondering whether you have a paddle in your hands at all!

Blade Length: 19.5 in. / 49.4 cm
Blade Width: 6 in. / 16.3 cm
Blade Area: 107.7 in2 / 695 cm2
Standard Length Range: 205-215cm

Shaft: Round
Weight: 22.2 oz / 630g


Wing Diagram

Wing Diagram<br><br>
Aluminum Cam Collar, Adjustable Length
and Feather
Aluminum Cam Collar, Adjustable Length <br>and Feather
Wing Motion Diagram

Wing Motion Diagram<br><br>

Construction Options


Weight: 22.2 oz / 630g

Description: Ultra lightweight Carbon blade with wet sanded finished durable woven carbon round shaft. Epoxy construction in heated press molds creates a durable finish on the blade.
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